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Open House Meetings/Public Hearing Notices

DCTA has a proactive public involvement plan that provides complete information, timely public notice, full public access to key decisions, and supports early and continuing involvement of the public in developing or modifying services and programs that might impact the public.

DCTA uses a variety of communication methods in order to achieve a level of public awareness and understanding about the agency and any planned open house meetings. DCTA holds open house meetings at a minimum of twice per year, typically in April and September. Our goal is to inform and engage with our community regarding DCTA projects, programs and services. We encourage people to attend these meetings to provide us with feedback that will help us deliver transit service that benefits all of the communities we serve.

Everyone is welcome to attend the open house meetings. Persons with hearing or sight interpretive service needs are asked to contact DCTA at least five (5) business days in advance of a scheduled meeting at dctainfo [at] dcta.net or 972.221.4600.

Upcoming Meetings

Will update once future meeting is confirmed.

Past Meetings


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