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The DCTA Employee Pass Program offers Denton County-based businesses a discount on annual passes for employees. Partner with DCTA today to extend sustainable, low-cost transportation options to your employees. As an employer, you want to offer benefits that will attract and retain high-quality employees. As a business in our community, you want to have a reputation for being responsible and innovative. DCTA’s Employee Pass Program gives you the opportunity to offer a low-cost transportation benefit to your employees and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Benefits to Employers

  • Offer a cost-effective benefit to your employees
  • Acquire a valuable tool for employee recruitment and retention
  • Choose how much to subsidize based on your business model and employee needs

Benefits to Employees

  • Save on gas and mileage
  • Take advantage of time that used to be spent focusing on the road
  • Reduce your individual carbon footprint

Benefits to the Community

  • Breathe cleaner air from lower carbon emissions
  • Proudly support local business
  • Enjoy reduced traffic congestion on the roadways

Program Overview

Price Matrix for EPP

More Information:

DCTA offers a free consultation to determine the best plan for you and your employees. Schedule an appointment with Employee Pass Program representative Kelly Briggs at kbriggs [at] dcta.net.

Discounted passes are produced on a first come, first served basis and are subject to ticket stock availability. Some orders may be delayed dependent on the total number of passes requested to allow for additional ticket stock to be ordered and the complete order to be processed and fulfilled. DCTA staff will work with all purchasers to turn around orders as quickly as possible.