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Learn to #RideDCTA the Easy Way

Now that you’ve subscribed, it’s time to learn more about DCTA and how to #RideDCTA the easy way! Head over to our website to read our rider and safety tips, including how to ride info, how to read a schedule, how early you should arrive at your stop and more. Want to know about DCTA? Check out our media center to stay up to date on what’s happening in the agency. Happy Riding!

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Best Tips for your Next DCTA Trip

Now that you know how to ride and are settled in, it’s time to show you all the great tools to take it to the next level. We have some great travel tools that can help you streamline your trip planning process. Check out our Transit Tracker to track your ride in real-time, GORequest to submit feedback and Go Pass ℠ to purchase tickets on your phone and view schedules. Don’t forget to read our monthly enRoute News passenger newsletter to stay in the know on all things DCTA.

We hope you enjoy your subscription to DCTA’s email system and remember, you can update your subscriber preferences at any time to subscribe to other DCTA-related topics!

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Hitesh and Family posing on train

"DCTA allows me to spend more time with my family when I ride. Thanks, DCTA for serving and helping Denton and the neighboring communities!"

Hitesh Adhikari
Denton, TX



The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) provides modern public transportation and mobility options that connect riders with the needs of their day. With fixed-route and on-demand bus service, the A-train commuter rail line and the Rail Trail, DCTA provides a variety of convenient, efficient and sustainable transit solutions for riders connecting to destinations within Denton and Collin counties.