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The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) offers several services to the general public in the greater Lewisville and Denton area. These services include local bus service in Denton, Lewisville and Highland Village, campus shuttles to the University of North Texas and North Central Texas College and a commuter rail service connecting passengers to Downtown Dallas. Additionally, DCTA offers demand response/paratransit service in Denton, Lewisville and Highland Village and a commuter vanpool service for those living or working in Denton County.

For the A-train and Connect schedules, please see below: 


Denton Connect Route 1 English
Denton Connect Route 1 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 2 English
Denton Connect Route 2 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 3 English
Denton Connect Route 3 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 4 English
Denton Connect Route 4 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 5 English
Denton Connect Route 5 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 6 English
Denton Connect Route 6 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 7 English
Denton Connect Route 7 Spanish
Denton Connect Route 8 English
Denton Connect Route 8 Spanish
A-train English
A-train Spanish
Lewisville Connect Route 21 English
Lewisville Connect Route 21 Spanish
Lewisville Connect Route 22 English
Lewisville Connect Route 22 Spanish
Highland Village Connect / Lyft E
Highland Village Connect / Lyft S
NCTC North English
NCTC North Spanish
NCTC South English
NCTC South Spanish
Airport Zone English


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HIGHLAND VILLAGE VIEW SCHEDULES & MAPS _Ellipse_%C2%A0%2B%C2%A0_Compound%20Path_.png
UNT CAMPUS SHUTTLE VIEW SCHEDULES & MAPS _Ellipse_%C2%A0%2B%C2%A0_Compound%20Path_.png
NCTC CAMPUS SHUTTLE VIEW SCHEDULES & MAPS _Ellipse_%C2%A0%2B%C2%A0_Compound%20Path_.png


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Denton County Transportation Authority
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P.O. Box 96 Lewisville, TX 75067


Service Maps

A-Train Map

A Train Map

Denton Map

Denton Map

Highland Village Map


Lewisville Map