Fares & Passes

Group Discount Program

The DCTA Group Discount Program offers a wonderful opportunity for substantial savings to groups that purchase a minimum of 25 tickets. Whether you are planning a trip for a large group or simply buying in bulk, a wide variety of passes and discounts are available to accommodate your needs.

Discounts are only applicable to DCTA local fares including AM/PM Pass, Day Pass, Monthly Pass and Annual Pass. 

Standard Group Discount

  • 20% discount
  • Purchase of 25+ tickets
  • Date specific


Large Group Discount


  • 25% discount
  • Purchase of 50+ tickets
  • Date specific


Flexible Group Discount


  • 15% discount
  • Purchase of 25+ tickets
  • Not date specific

Qualified Reduced Group Discount

  • 10% discount on already reduced fares (eligibility required)
  • Purchase of 25+ tickets
  • Date specific

How to Purchase:

To purchase discounted passes under the Group Discount Program, please contact DCTA at dctainfo [at] dcta.net.

Discounted passes ONLY apply to local fare, are produced on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to ticket stock availability. Some orders may be delayed, depending on the total number of passes requested, to allow for additional ticket stock to be ordered and the complete order to be processed and fulfilled. DCTA staff will work with all purchasers to turn around orders as quickly as possible.