About DCTA

Social Responsibility

Integrity and Respect

It is incumbent upon all DCTA employees to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. We are uncompromising in our commitment to truth, honesty and openness in all relationships and interactions. We believe that all customers are important and all employees add value; and we will treat customers and employees with dignity and respect.


DCTA continually invests in the health and sustainability of our community. We integrate best practices into the facilities and fleet that we operate. Additionally, mass transit solutions are inherently eco-friendly and drive air quality for our community and the world.


DCTA is committed to educating the community on mass transit options, eco-friendly alternatives to transportation, and air quality. Education is a driving force in engaging the community on issues related to transportation.


DCTA is always seeking ways to operate as safely as possible. In accordance with our Service Plan, DCTA’s most important commitment is customer safety through the strict adherence to policies and procedures and ongoing employee training and professional development.


DCTA makes the wellness of our customers and employees a priority. By promoting walking and biking to and from our train stations and bus stops, DCTA supports the local and national initiative to increase physical activity for those who live in our community. And our employees are just as much of a priority. DCTA's Wellness Committee provides employees with the opportunity to achieve milestones and rewards for exhibiting healthy behavior.


DCTA believes that having a diverse team makes us a step above the rest. We pride ourselves in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees can work hard and strive for great change - all with a focus on the customer experience.


DCTA is proud to partner with the United Way of Denton County in their effort to empower donors, volunteers, businesses, governments, nonprofits and community groups to invest in neighbors for a better Denton County community. For more information about the United Way of Denton County, visit www.unitedwaydenton.org.