Commuter Vanpool

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Commuter Vanpools are DCTA’s Vantastic new way of giving you a comfortable, cost-effective and convenient way to get to work. Ideal for groups of six to 15 people, vanpools reduce stress, help the environment and save you money.

Today’s the day! To get started, fill out the Vanpool Interest Form, register on the Regional Rideshare website or call 214.688.8333 to find other interested vanpoolers in your area.

Vanpool Basics

Q: What is a vanpool?
A: A vanpool is a better way to travel to and from work. A vanpool is a group of six to 15 people who commute together on a regular basis in a roomy, comfortable van. One person volunteers to be the driver/coordinator of the vanpool and rides free. The riders share the cost of operating the vanpool. The vanpool group determines their daily schedule and route including one or more designated pickup locations, such as A-train stations or shopping centers. Ask your employer if they offer a qualified transportation or vanpool benefit.

Q: Who owns the van?
A: Enterprise Rideshare, which is contracted by DCTA, owns the vans and provides insurance, maintenance, repairs, license and registration.

Q: Who does the driving?
A: One member of the group will volunteer to become the primary driver.

Q: What happens if the driver is sick or on vacation?
A: Each van is allowed up to five alternate drivers who are subject to the same criteria as the primary driver. If the primary driver is unavailable, one of the alternate drivers would drive.

Q: What is the commitment?
A: The Enterprise Rideshare vanpool program is a month-to-month arrangement. The driver would be required to provide Enterprise Rideshare a written notice 30 days prior to termination.

Monthly Lease Rate & Passenger Count

  Monthly Lease Rate Minimum Passenger Count Maximum Passenger Count
Chevy or Ford 8-Passenger Van $ 550.00 6 8
Chevy or Ford 15-Passenger Van $ 585.00 10 15
Toyota Sienna 8-Passenger Minivan $620.00 6 8
Nissan Pathfinder 7-Passenger Vehicle $685.00 6 7
Wheelchair Accessible Van $ 550.00 5 8

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program is intended to provide DCTA vanpool participants with a subsidized ride home in the case of an emergency or unexpected overtime on a day the person vanpooled to work. The program is an attempt to ease the concerns of some commuters using public transportation who are worried about how they will get home when an emergency arises.

Terms of Use

Customer must be an active full-time member of DCTA’s vanpool.
Customer must have utilized the DCTA Vanpool the day of the request.

Level of Service Available
DCTA vanpool participants may utilize the GRH Program during scheduled workdays at times which the van is not scheduled to operate.
Each customer may use the GRH Program up to four (4) times in a 12 month period.
DCTA will reimburse up to $50 per use.

Usage of Guaranteed Ride Home
Personal illness during normal work hours
Family emergency during normal work hours
Unscheduled, employer mandated overtime

Guaranteed Ride Home Restrictions
Getting to work
Traveling between worksites
Scheduled meetings or doctor’s appointments
Trips to the hospital in place of ambulance service
Weather, including snow or act of nature
Any other non-emergency trip during normal work hours

Reimbursement Request
Customers may seek taxi fare reimbursement by mailing in a completed Guaranteed Ride Home Reimbursement Request Form, a signed and dated taxi fare receipt and a copy of their government issued ID. DCTA vanpool participants will need to send in the name of their vanpool captain. All GRH reimbursement requests should be mailed to the following address:

Denton County Transportation Authority
Attn: Guaranteed Ride Home Program
PO Box 96
Lewisville, TX 75067