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New DCTA Local Fare Promotion to Reduce Local Ticket Prices

DCTA Local Fare Promotion

Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) riders now have lower fare options when riding on public transit in North Texas. Effective Monday, August 27, DCTA will launch a local fare promotion to encourage ridership and offer an option to offset the increase in regional fares. DCTA’s fare promotion will consist of discounted ticket prices across its entire local fare structure. The promotion will end on January 14, 2019.

*Download DCTA's Local Fare Promotion cheat sheet guide here*


Keeping Transit Fare Affordable

Regional fare across North Texas is increasing by 20 percent in August 2018 that will affect regional pass tickets sold by DART, DCTA and Trinity Metro. DCTA will charge the same regional price to remain in partnership with DART and Trinity Metro which will allow DCTA to continue to provide riders with the option to purchase a single regional ticket for seamless transit connections throughout North Texas.


DCTA recognizes the potential negative impact the regional fare increase could have on passengers and will launch its local fare promotion to help mitigate concerns and keep fares affordable for its ridership base. The local fare promotion will offer riders who travel regionally the option of purchasing two local passes for less than the current cost of a regional pass vs one regional pass at the increased amount. 


“It’s imperative for us to remove any potential barriers for passengers to ride our system. Reducing our local fare at a time when regional fares are increasing aligns with our strategic plan,” said Jim Cline, DCTA President.


Best Fare Options for Riders

All DCTA local fares will be discounted which will provide riders with best methods for saving on their overall travel cost. Listed below are some of DCTA’s most common fare types and how riders can save money with the agency’s new local fare promotion:


Local Day Pass

Current Local Day Pass = $6

Promotional Local Day Pass = $3


Local 10-Pack of Day Passes

Current Local 10-Pack of Day Passes = $40

Promotional Local 10-Pack of Day Passes = $20


Regional Day Pass

Current Regional Day Pass = $10

Increased Regional Day Pass = $12


With the DCTA Local Fare Promotion, you could purchase a DCTA Local Day Pass for $3 and a DART Local Day Pass for $6, for a total of $9 (compared to the current $10 and the future $12).


Regional Monthly Pass

Current Regional Monthly Pass = $160

Increased Regional Monthly Pass = $192


With the DCTA Local Fare Promotion, you could purchase a DCTA Local 31-Day Pass for $48 and a DART Local Monthly Pass for $96, for a total of $144 (compared to the current $160 and the future $192).


For riders to best utilize DCTA’s new local fare promotion, the agency has developed a cheat sheet guide for the most commonly used and purchased fare which can be downloaded here.

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