Innovative partnership to improve connectivity in Frisco’s ‘North Platinum Corridor’

Frisco TMA

A new public-private partnership is shifting Frisco mobility solutions into high gear.


Already recognized as a national leader in innovative traffic solutions, the City of Frisco is partnering with the Denton County Transportation Authority, Frisco Station Partners, HALL Group and The Star to improve connectivity between several mixed-use developments in Frisco’s ‘North Platinum Corridor’.

The agreement was approved by the Frisco City Council during its May 1, 2018 meeting.


This new partnership, known as the Frisco Transportation Management Association (FTMA), is focusing on solutions like improving walkability, ride-sharing, connected vehicles (with traffic signal data sharing), and introducing driverless vehicle service between The Star, HALL Park and Frisco Station developments.


“Bringing innovative transportation solutions to Frisco is one our council’s ‘Top Ten’ goals for 2018,” said Mayor Jeff Cheney. “Establishing the Frisco TMA helps us do that collaboratively, whether we’re launching a pilot program for driverless cars or building a seamless network of sidewalks and trails throughout one of our premier, commercial and corporate development destinations along Frisco’s North Platinum Corridor. We believe ‘build to suit’ solutions will lay the groundwork for how people get around in the future.”  


“Being a part of this innovative public-private partnership aligns with DCTA’s mission of providing alternative mobility solutions for residents to better live, work and play,” said Jim Cline, DCTA President. “We’re excited to have a seat at the table with the rest of the Frisco TMA partners to help address mobility needs in one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.”

Through this partnership, the Frisco TMA is committed to launching a summer pilot program focusing on autonomous vehicles, also known as ‘driverless’ cars. The exploration into an innovative, autonomous vehicle pilot program follows an earlier announcement from Uber Elevate and Hillwood to develop one of the nation’s first vertiports at Frisco Station. Last May, HALL Park also introduced Frisco’s first bike share program to encourage connectivity between surrounding developments.


“Every growing city is experiencing transportation challenges. At the same time, well-run cities like Frisco have the opportunity to become leaders in finding innovative public-private solutions to address future mobility concerns,” said Craig Hall, founder and chairman of HALL Group, HALL Park’s owner and developer. “We are excited to be working in collaboration with the Frisco TMA and the City of Frisco to determine these solutions, while continuing to set a national example for transportation strategy and preparing Frisco’s infrastructure for continued growth.”


“Frisco is positioned to be America’s top corporate destination, and Frisco Station is committed to working with our partners in the Frisco Transportation Management Association to evaluate creative, multi-layered mobility options that will enhance connectivity within Frisco’s largest emerging corporate and entertainment developments,” said Mike Berry, president of Hillwood, Frisco Station’s master developer.  “By working together, we will connect employers, employees, residents and visitors within Frisco’s North Platinum Corridor in new and varied ways, convenient to their lifestyles.


“We are constantly looking for ways to enhance mobility and traffic to The Star and the surrounding areas, and by joining the FTMA committee and this partnership, we are set to accomplish this incredible feat through technology and travel for more people to visit Frisco,” said Chad Estis, Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President of Business Operations. 


“While we want to serve businesses in this area, we think this agreement will also provide benefits to the people who live and work in Frisco, too,” said Brian Moen, Assistant Director of Engineering. “We plan on taking what we learn from this process and using it to ease traffic throughout Frisco.”

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