North Texas Xpress Services


The Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) and Trinity Metro offer a bus service that connects Denton and downtown Fort Worth, with stops in Alliance. If you have ever needed a convenient, reliable way to travel between Fort Worth, Alliance, and Denton, North Texas Xpress makes round trips each weekday between approximately 6:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

DCTA offers a park and ride location on the west side of the parking lot at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Denton.

There are five main stops in Denton along the North Texas Xpress route:

  • Presbyterian Hospital Park & Ride (west side of parking lot)
  • W University Drive @ N Bonnie Brae Street (Albertsons)
  • Bonnie Brae Street @ Emery
  • Bonnie Brae Street @ Scripture /Oak Street
  • Bonnie Brae Street @ Stella (University Courtyard Apartments)

Click here to download a printable schedule.

Click here to visit Trinity Metro's website.

North Texas Xpress Fare

**For Trinity Metro fare prices, visit this link**

Denton to North Park & Ride and Reverse Fare Reduced**
Local Day Pass $3.00 $1.50**
Local AM/PM Pass* $1.50 $.75**
Denton to Fort Worth Central Station and Reverse Fare Reduced**
Regional Day Pass $12.00 $3.00**
Fort Worth Central Station to Alliance and Reverse Fare Reduced**
Local Day Pass $5.00 $2.50**
Local Single Ride $2.50 $1.25**

*Local AM Passes will be valid from start of service to 11:59 a.m., and Local PM Passes will be valid from 12:00 p.m. to end of service.

**Reduced = Seniors (65+), persons with disabilities, Medicare cardholders and students (Ages 5-18, students over the age of 14 require a valid high school or DCTA issued ID).