Schedule Changes

It's time for service changes! Effective Monday, August 26, DCTA will add midday A-train service and implement minor updates to its bus system that will positively impact riders. Many of DCTA's upcoming service changes will provide more transit options for passengers and better connectivity within the agency's system and to the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

With this change, there have been minor updates for Connect Bus and UNT Shuttles to provide better A-train Connectivity. Below are the updated maps and schedules you'll need for the upcoming service changes! 

A-train Map & Schedule


Route 1 Map & Schedule

Route 2 Map & Schedule

Route 3 Map & Schedule

Route 4 Map & Schedule

Route 5 Map & Schedule

Route 6 Map & Schedule

Route 7 Map & Schedule

Route 8 Map & Schedule

Route 21 Map & Schedule

Route 22 Map & Schedule

Highland Village Connect Shuttle Map & Schedule


Bernard Street AM / Bernard Street PM

Centre Place AM / Center Place PM

Colorado Express

Discovery Park

Eagle Point

Mean Green / Mean Green Contra Flow

Mean Green Night Rider / Mean Green Night Rider Plus

North Texan


UNT Numbering System

DCTA is also launching a new route numbering system with its August 2019 round of service changes and will start with University of North Texas (UNT) Campus Shuttle service. The new route numbering system will be effective August 26, 2019. 

Each sequence will have an abbreviated route name with a three-digit code to identify the group, route and schedule. The short letter code will still be visible to help riders identify their desired route (i.e. CE = Colorado Express).

To download a Route Numbering Cheat Sheet, click here