Denton Connect Route 4

DCTA Connect bus service is a local, fixed-route service that operates in the cities of Denton and Lewisville. The routes were configured to provide easy access to many popular destinations within each city as well as connection to A-train stations for access to the commuter rail line. Connect bus service operates Monday through Saturday, excluding major holidays.

Route 4 goes between the Unicorn Lake area and Rayzor Ranch Shopping Center, with popular destinations such as: 

  • Denton County Administration Annex
  • Denton High School
  • Health Services of North Texas
  • Medical City Denton
  • Rayzor Ranch Shopping District
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Winco
    and more! 

For a printable schedule, please click below:

Route 4 English / Route 4 Spanish

Route 4 Northbound

Rt 4 NB

Route 4 Northbound Schedule


Route 4 Southbound

Rt 4 SB

Route 4 Southbound