Access to Human Services

DCTA collaborates with many of the social service agencies throughout Denton County to ensure that we are collectively meeting the needs of our community. Below are various resources available to assist social service agencies with clients who need access to transportation.


COVID-19 Resources from United Way of Denton county

United Way of Denton County has compiled a list of resources for those who may be in need due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


For a list of COVID-19 resources, visit their site here.

To donate to their COVID-19 Relief Fund, visit their site here.

Social service agency gis map

DCTA and the City of Denton collaborated to create a map of social services across Denton County and where access, via public transportation, is available.

  • View the map here.
  • View the table of how to access each social service agency via public transportation here.
"Go To" Cards

DCTA has created two passenger cards to assist passengers with travel.

  • The Access Passenger Card is a tool for Access passengers to ensure that their driver knows who they are and where they reside. This card is not required, but is often helpful for passengers who are new to Access or do not ride Access services frequently. Download the Access Passenger Card here.
  • The General Passenger Card can be used to assist any passenger who needs assistance getting to their final destination. Simply fill out the card and show it to the operator and they will be happy to assist. Download the General Passenger Card here.
the differences between dcta and span

DCTA and SPAN both provide mobility services around Denton County, but have you ever wondered about their key differences? View the DCTA and SPAN flyer to see what each service provides!

Veteran Resources

Click here to download the veterans Resources flier and learn how to utilize transit to access veteran services.


Click here to download a Cheat Sheet. 


Local AM-PM Pass Cheat Sheet