There is a 24-hour time limit on parking in all DCTA A-train station parking lots (see Long-term Parking for more details). Vehicles left on DCTA property for more than 24 hours will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

All vehicles that are parked overnight at a DCTA facility must display the required overnight permit. To request an overnight, please fill out the form below.

NOTE: Parking of vehicles with more than two axles is prohibited.

Station Spaces Additional Parking Long-Term Parking Allowed

Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC)


At the corner of Hickory and Exposition served by all Denton Connect Routes.

Parking is not permitted at the City of Denton Police Station lot.


MedPark Station




Highland Village/Lewisville Lake Station


Across the street at the City of Lewisville Recreation Parking lot.


Old Town Station




Hebron Station




If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Pro-Tow Wrecker Service at 972.219.7090.

Long-term Parking

Long-term parking is allowed for a period of up to 10 consecutive days with an online reservation and printed permit. A valid permit is required for any vehicle exceeding the 24-hour limit at designated locations. Please allow two to three business days to receive your permit.

Approved long-term parking is only permitted at the MedPark, Old Town and Hebron Stations. Long-term parking is at the discretion of the customer. DCTA assumes no responsibility for vehicles left overnight. Vehicles left at A-train stations for more than 24 hours without a visible permit are subject to towing at the owner's expense.

Apply For Long-Term Parking