Travel Training

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What is travel training?

DCTA’s Travel Training program gives you the skills, confidence and independence to get where you need to go.

We provide personal, step-by-step instruction to senior citizens and those with disabilities on how to effectively use the DCTA system. The program walks individuals through travel via DCTA Connect Bus, Connect Shuttle, the A-train, specified Zones and Access service. Travel Training is free of charge and can be customized to meet the requestor’s needs.

Benefits of Travel Training

  • Increases freedom, mobility and independence
  • Provides access to safe and low-cost transportation
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Promotes healthy living by helping you stay active in the community

Eligibility for Travel Training

Anyone is welcome to host a group Travel Training session or participate as an individual in the DCTA Travel Training program.

How It Works

Your Travel Training session is as unique as you are. Our trainer will meet you at your home, conduct an assessment and develop a personalized plan based on your needs. Then, the travel trainer will accompany you along your personal route until you are comfortable traveling alone. Best of all, Travel Training is self-paced. DCTA encourages participants to take their time, ask questions and become as comfortable as possible with our system.

What You Learn

The program teaches you to:

  • Read bus maps and schedules
  • Plan your trip and ride your personalized routes
  • Recognize bus stops, landmarks and route names
  • Pay fares and purchase passes
  • Practice important pedestrian skills, such as crossing the street safely
  • Ride the bus with confidence
  • Prepare for the “what ifs” of travel, such as:
    • What to do if you miss your bus
    • What to do if you forget your money
    • What to do if you get off at the wrong stop

Travel Training Process

  • Make Contact - Call DCTA at 940.243.0077 and request Travel Training information.
  • Schedule an Assessment - A travel trainer will meet with you to talk about your travel goals and conduct an assessment of your current knowledge, skills and needs. Your travel trainer will create a specially designed training program to assist in developing skills for your independent travel needs.
  • Supported Travel - Your travel trainer will arrange days and times to practice your pre-planned route, provide step-by-step instructions and be there to support you every step of the way.
  • Travel Skills - After Travel Training, your travel trainer will review the journey with you and discuss skills to work on at your next appointment.
  • Independent Travel - Your travel trainer will support you until you reach your goal and are able to travel by yourself with confidence.