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DCTA understands the importance of safety and recognizes the need to help educate Denton County communities about being safe while riding the A-train and how to stay safe around the rail corridor. To help get this safety message out, DCTA has developed the RAIL READY program.

The RAIL READY program is based on Operation Lifesaver, a national rail safety program. This rail safety education and outreach program focuses on staying off the tracks and teaching community members to “Look Listen & Live.” RAIL READY will educate community members and help keep community members safe around the A-train and tracks.

DCTA offers free RAIL READY programs in Denton County from Operation Lifesaver certified presenters. DCTA staff is prepared to speak to school groups, driver education classes, community audiences, professional drivers, law enforcement officers and emergency responders. Presentations are customized to fit the individual needs of each group.

Local businesses, civic organizations, and community groups are encouraged to schedule a RAIL READY presentation for their next meeting to educate employees, members and volunteers about motorist safety at crossings. Presentations range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and can include a video specific to the special interest of the particular group.

To reach the children with this safety message, DCTA has partnered with local school districts and day cares to bring RAIL READY into classrooms. The RAIL READY program for school-aged children consists of a 20-minute presentation and a ten-minute cartoon video featuring Earl P. Nutt, an Operation Lifesaver safety character.

Test your train safety knowledge with Operation Lifesaver's Train Safety Savvy new game!

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