About DCTA

Vision, Mission and Core Values


We are committed to improving mobility, air quality, economic development and livability in the areas we serve.

To be a leader in advancing public transportation alternatives.

Core Values

Safety –In accordance with our Service Plan, our most important commitment is passenger safety through the strict adherence to policies and procedures and ongoing employee training and professional development.

Accountability – As public servants, DCTA employees and Board of Directors hold themselves accountable to their constituents and are committed to being exemplary stewards of public resources.

Commitment – DCTA employees and Board of Directors are committed to working collaboratively to deliver the components of the Service Plan in a timely manner to serve the mobility needs of our passengers.

Excellence - Always in the pursuit of excellence, DCTA will consistently offer innovative, effective and quality public transportation alternatives that will exceed passenger expectations.

Integrity - It is incumbent upon DCTA employees and Board of Directors to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. We are uncompromising in our commitment to truth, honesty and openness in all relationships and interactions.

Respect - We believe that all of our passengers are important and that all of our employees add value. We will treat passengers and employees with dignity and esteem.