Shaping Our Future

Shaping Our Future

Denton and Collin counties are projected to be the nation's fastest growing economies over the next five years, according to an Oxford Economics forecast. With this impending growth, it is our commitment to offer more alternative transportation options to improve the quality of life where our residents live, work and play. Your continued support and investment is vital for the agency to provide people with access to jobs, schools, entertainment, recreation and other life activities.

Join us in shaping our community’s future by designing a more robust system to meet the increasing mobility needs of North Texas.

FY'18 Strategic Planning Guidance Report

DCTA Priority Goals and Projects
We're committed to providing safe, customer-focused and efficient mobility solutions. In order to accomplish this, we have a Strategic Planning Guidance Report we develop and implement each fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). This report highlights our commitment to offer more alternative and innovative mobility options to improve the quality of life where residents live, work and play. In addition, the report focuses on key priorities and goals to enable us to be a leader in advancing mobility alternatives in the many communities we serve.


Antero Group Case for Transit Study
DCTA is keeping Denton County open for business. Since opening in 2011, our A-train commuter rail service has attracted new professionals and businesses, spurred new market investment, and expanded the countywide tax base while providing an alternative form of transportation to address air quality and cost-of-living. In addition to other countywide strengths, including a high quality of life, skilled workforce and a welcoming environment to new land development, the A-train has helped to build the local economy.

With the assistance of The Antero Group, an innovative and nationally recognized planning and engineering consulting firm, DCTA leveraged local and national statistical sources and conducted case studies of local transit-oriented development to share the business case for transit in Denton County.

Regional Express Corridors

Expansion Opportunity
The Regional Express Corridor Plan is comprised of four proposed corridors throughout Denton County envisioned to be served by a premier over-the-road coach fleet. DCTA envisions an array of on-board amenities to transform the way passengers travel.

On-Call Flex Service

New Product Development
DCTA is implementing flexible and convenient travel option for passengers to reach their final destination.  This On-Call Flex Service will complement other available DCTA services including the regional express service, commuter rail service and local-fixed route bus service.

Comprehensive Operational Analysis

Existing Service Enhancement
This analysis identified service changes to existing bus services that would maintain strongest areas of existing service, strengthen the weaker areas, fill existing service gaps and ensure all significant transit markets are well served. DCTA completed the analysis with Denton, Lewisville and Highland Village. In addition, DCTA partnered with the University of North Texas on their Parking & Transportation Master Plan to identify campus parking solutions and UNT Shuttle service improvements.