Code of Conduct

DCTA has established conduct guidelines to help ensure the safety, security, comfort and convenience of all those who use DCTA vehicles and facilities. Customers violating these guidelines may be asked to leave the vehicle or facility immediately.

  • Offer seats to those who many need them
  • Consumption of any alcoholic beverage or possession of an open container of any alcoholic beverage on DCTA property is strictly prohibited
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted when in a spill proof or screw top container
  • Eating on DCTA vehicles is not permitted unless medically necessary
  • Please do not put your feet on the seats
  • Only service animals allowed on vehicles
  • Turn off cell phone ringers, and speak at low volume if you must take a call
  • No profanity, disruptive, or threatening behavior
  • Use headphones when listening to electronic devices
  • Shirts and shoes required
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco in any form, including electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, is prohibited on DCTA platforms, bus stops, vehicles or facilities
  • DCTA does not allow unlawfully carried handguns, weapons, or any other items intended for use as a weapon in or on any DCTA facility or vehicle
  • Explosives, car batteries, flammable liquids, or other materials considered hazardous by the U.S. Department of Transportation are not allowed in or on any DCTA facility or vehicle, except as authorized by DCTA
  • Report any unusual packages or suspicious activity to authorities or DCTA personnel. Call 911 to report any emergencies