How to Ride

Buying Your Fare.

Bus passengers can pay an exact cash fare upon boarding the bus or purchase Connect bus passes in advance at any ticket outlet. A-train passengers can purchase appropriate fare at any A-train ticket vending machine, online or in advance at any ticket outlet. Click here for a complete list of available passes and fare details.

Identifying Your Bus/Train.

Arrive at your stop/station at least five minutes before the scheduled arrival/departure and have your fare ready. Prior to boarding the bus/train, check the route number/destination sign displayed on the front of the vehicle.

Get on your Bus/Train.

Allow other passengers to get off the vehicle before boarding. Designated seating for senior citizens or riders with disabilities is available on all DCTA vehicles. Please offer these seats to these passengers if you’re occupying a seat in this area. University students should have their student ID ready to show the driver before boarding the bus.

Get off at your stop.

About one block from your stop, signal the bus operator to stop by pulling the “stop request cord,” above the passenger seats along the windows of the bus. You do not need to signal the train operator to get on or off at the rail stations.

Transfer to another route or service.

Transfer slips may be obtained from bus operators and may not be used on the same route in the opposite direction. Passengers transferring to a higher-fare service must pay the difference in fare in addition to presenting a transfer slip. Transfer slips within the Local System are valid for one hour and transfer slips within the Regional System are valid for two hours.