Proposed Denton Connect Service Changes

Feb 02, 2017

DCTA will implement new service changes in May 2017. For riders, this means that the current Go Guide will remain effective until May 2017 when service changes occur. DCTA will not implement service changes in August 2017.

The proposed Denton Connect Bus service service changes are quite extensive and we want to ensure that riders are well informed. Details on the proposed changes can be found below. If passengers have questions or feedback about the upcoming service changes, they can send them to DCTA’s GORequest customer tool for further staff review and follow up.


Key Service Change Highlights

  • Proposed 30 minute peak frequency on all routes except for Route 4
  • Proposed 60 minute off-peak frequency on all routes except Route 4
  • Proposed 60 minute frequency all day on Route 4
  • No service along Elm Street, Oakland Street or Eagle Drive
  • Additional frequency along Oak and Bell near the university campuses
  • Removal of Route 9

For specific route information click on the route numbers below.

Route 1

  • Will connect with Route 4
  • Travel down Wind River to Unicorn Lake Boulevard
  • Will turn around at Shoreline Drive

Route 2

  • Will keep the same routing to Denton Regional Medical Center (DRMC)
  • Stops will be added along Colorado and Mayhill near the DRMC
  • Routing will serve the DRMC before the MedPark Station

Route 3

  • Service to Morse Street and Denton County Offices has been moved to Route 4
  • The loop around Cardinal and Oriole will be served on both the inbound and outbound to accommodate Denton Ryan students

Route 4

  • Will act as a connector along the North and East sides of Denton
  • Will not serve the Downtown Denton Transit Center
  • Will have transfer opportunities to other Denton Connect Routes
    • Route 2 at stops between Brinker and Loop 288 to the Denton Regional Medical Center
    • Route 3 at the intersection of  Loop 288 and McKinney
    • Routes 5 and 6 at the intersection of University and Bell
    • Route 7 along University at  Razor Ranch
  • Stops on University from Ruddell to Nottingham have been removed
  • Will stop on Loop 288 at Morse next to the Denton County Administrative Complex
  • Will stop at the Department of Public Safety Office located on Loop 288
  • Will serve the Denton Regional Medical Center as well as Unicorn Lake

Route 5

  • Will travel North on Bell Avenue to Coronado Drive to Locust Street
  • Will no longer serve Windsor west of Bell, Fallmeadow, Gardenview, Evers Park, and North Branch Library
  • These locations will be served by Route 6

Route 6

  • Service along Oakland, Locust, & Elm Streets has been removed
  • Will no longer serve the  West side of Texas Woman's’ University
  • Will follow Bell Avenue from the Downtown Denton Transit Center to Windsor Street
  • Will serve the western parts of the current Route 5

Route 7

  • Route now serves Razor Ranch and Mesa along Bonnie Brae
  • Will provide service into the University of North Texas campus

Route 8

  • Will no longer serve Welch, Eagle or the area around the old Sack ‘n Save
  • Will provide service into the University of North Texas campus

Click here to download the complete PDF packet of the recommended changes. (3.49MB)