Travel Training

Riding transit can bring you increased independence, supports an active lifestyle, reduces traffic congestion, helps protect the environment and provides greater access to your community. Taking that first step on transit can be a bit daunting if you’ve never traveled on public transportation before. A new passenger might have many questions before they decide to take their first trip. DCTA offers travel training to enhance your life by making it as easy as possible to travel on DCTA’s system.

DCTA’s travel training is available to anyone interested in riding DCTA services. The travel training can performed with one individual or with a group and can occur in a classroom setting or while traveling the DCTA system. Each travel training is specifically tailored to fit the needs of the individual or group and can cover the following:

  • Trip planning
  • Traveling specific routes
  • Transferring to other routes
  • Reading and understanding the Go Guide, maps and schedules
  • Identifying bus numbers, stops and landmarks
  • Paying fares and pass purchasing

Transition Travel Training is also available to current Access passengers wishing to utilize DCTA’s fixed-route services, but need assistance learning how to ride those services. This travel training program is a one-on-one program with a DCTA staff member focusing on all of topics above, but also includes assistance with learning the following:

  • Transferring from DCTA Access to a DCTA fixed-route service
  • Using the lift to board with a mobility device
  • Positioning your mobility device on board safely

For more information or to schedule a travel training session, please email