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Promotional A-train Free Fare Zones

Sep 27, 17

DCTA launched new promotional “free fare” zones along the A-train commuter rail line in an effort to support riders and their travel behaviors. The rail line between the Downtown Denton Transit Center and the MedPark Station, as well as between the Hebron Station and the Trinity Mills Station, no longer requires a paid fare. The area between the MedPark Station and the Hebron Station is the new DCTA fare enforcement zone where passengers will need to have a local or regional pass to ride.

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Shaping Our Future

Sep 17, 15

Denton County is preparing for dramatic population growth, with a projected population of more than one million residents by the year 2030. With this impending growth it is DCTA’s commitment to offer more alternative transportation options to improve the quality of life where our residents live, work and play. Your continued support and investment is vital for the agency to provide people with access to jobs, schools, entertainment, recreation and other life activities. Join DCTA in shaping our community’s future by designing a more robust system to meet the increasing transportation needs of Denton County.

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  1. Promotional A-train Free Fare Zones
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