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About DCTA

Our Future

Denton County is a great place to live with its vibrant communities and neighborhoods with distinctive personalities. Residents value access to rural landscapes and urban areas. The county hosts community events and festivals, has noted colleges and universities, and has a growing concentration of major employers. DCTA is proud to provide public transportation services throughout Denton County to make it more convenient for residents and visitors to live, work and play.

To keep up with rapid growth and changes, transit services must also mature to better meet the needs of Denton County and to become a more critical part of the infrastructure. State, regional, and local governments are working to ensure that growth becomes a tool for enhancing communities and improving access among them. These efforts were outlined recently in Mobility 2045, which was developed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). As the organization charged with coordinating regional transportation planning efforts, NCTCOG outlined a series of strategies for accommodating growth in ways that enhance the quality of life while promoting a vibrant business climate and protecting the Dallas-Fort Worth region's unique environment.

DCTA and other regional transit agencies, as well as local governments, are using Mobility 2045 as a basis for their own planning efforts, and their own efforts will be fed back into the update of the Mobility 2045 plan. DCTA's Long Range Service Plan is one part of that larger effort, identifying strategies that DCTA will pursue in order to accomplish Denton County's and the region’s larger goals.

Dramatic future population growth will demand that governments and agencies at all levels focus on moving people efficiently within existing corridors and rights of way. Economic growth in Denton County will depend on continued investment in a transit system that can provide people efficient access to jobs, schools, shopping, medical services, recreation and the other life activities that make up a vibrant community. Achievement of other land use, financial and equity goals also rely heavily on a well-formed public transit system.

As Denton County continues to grow, it’s DCTA’s goal to grow right alongside it. Whether it’s using exiting DCTA services or making plans based on expansion, DCTA offers the residents of Denton County the convenience of using mass transit and avoiding the hassle of traffic and congestion. DCTA is committed to providing safe, customer-focused and efficient mobility solutions for Denton County – now and in the future.