Monsignor King (MK101)

Effective, Tuesday, June 8, MK101 service will be operated Tuesday-Saturday. DCTA is operating two morning shuttles from Monsignor King Outreach Center (MKOC) to Our Daily Bread (ODB). The shuttle service is free and open to the general public.


PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice, there is no fare charge for the Free Fare promotion for the service. 



Monsignor King (MK101) Shuttle Schedule
  Monsignor King WB Morse at Woodrow Lane WB Hickory at City Hall E WB Oak at Cedar
1st SHUTTLE 8:30 A.M. 8:32 A.M. 8:38 A.M. 8:41 A.M.
2nd SHUTTLE 8:55 A.M. 8:57 A.M. 9:03 A.M. 9:06 A.M.




MK101 Map